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New Employees are the future of your company. Lately corporations have shared high five videos, training packet advice and new hire kit images on social media of what it takes to make a good first impression on an employee’s first day.

To get a new hire to settle in and learn quickly they need to feel appreciated and a part of the team. A good first impression can be an employee welcome kit.

Welcome Kit Basics

Based on a company’s industry and policies welcome kits vary but getting creative and giving employees something to remember their first day is what we recommend.

  • Welcome Letter from the CEO or team manager

  • Company Mission & Values Information

  • New Hire Kit Schedule

  • Directory of key people that will be involved in their job

  • Corporate Branded Items & Desktop Essentials

  • Any Apparel Provided For the Job

To set your company apart and have your employee possibly share their first day experience with social media branded merchandise always helps.

  • Office Supplies – Sticky Notes, Pens, Rulers, Journals, Legal Pads & More. Stock your employee so they can perform their first week

  • Custom Journals – Have a message or key points that all employees need to know? Design a custom journal with key notes for all employees.

  • Water bottles – Want to set up your employee to start feeling like you value their health? Provide a water bottle when they start.

  • Backpacks & Messengers - Many companies have laptops or employees bring work home. Supply a travel safe backpack or messenger bag to keep work organized.

  • Apparel & Job Essentials - If preordered hardhats, jackets or apparel are provided be sure to include that with the kit or an order form.

Ask Ketterer Today about how to create and fulfill your companies new hire kit. Contact us at 877-247-6792.

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