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June is National Safety Month, a major event on the promotional products calendar. Corporate safety programs are a very big deal - especially in industries like construction, manufacturing and healthcare, where accidents cost millions of dollars in insurance claims, not to mention lives. Employers routinely spend big money on campaigns aimed at reducing accidents and creating cultures of safety.

So what makes employees work safer? Let's take a look at two key ingredients of a successful safety incentive program.

Branded Gifts As Incentives

Companies often use promotional products in their safety incentive programs - safe behavior gets rewarded with a branded gift. But choosing the right gift is crucial. As E. Scott Geller, Ph.D., a safety incentives expert at Virginia Tech points out, "People will say they want cash, but it isn't special enough. Safety awards should be a symbol and a remembrance." That's why more companies are turning to useful, high-perceived-value items like copper insulated drinkware, outerwear and computer bags as safety incentives. When branded with safety campaign messages and used everyday, these products have a significant promotional impact.

Recognition From Company Leadership

Safety experts agree that incentive gifts are not enough on their own to create a real culture of safety. So what's missing from the equation? Employee recognition, especially from company leadership, is a crucial component in an effective and lasting safety program. Adding this personal element is vital to the process. Research has shown that managers involved in the safety process can have the most positive influence beyond any other factor (EHS Today).

So when a manager hand delivers a branded travel mug or jacket as an award for safe work practices, it means more to the employee. Plus, it a has a better chance of improving the overall company safety culture.

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