Where it all started

Sometimes looking back at a company’s history you find twists and turns, but looking back at the history of Ketterer Company all you will find is a family tradition of working hard in the Promotional and Advertising Industry.

Currently Ketterer is a WBENC certified woman lead business, directed by our CEO Kimberly Ketterer. The company maintains the same integrity and high customer service expectations that it had when it was formed in 1955. With the ability to create online company stores and complete turnkey fulfillment programs, the Ketterer Company is taking our strength and depth of knowledge in the promotional product industry and marrying it with technology solutions.

In 1991 President Thomas along with Kim Nolte who joined the company as a sales representative in 1992 started to form what Ketterer Company looks like today. After her quick success, our founder Joseph Ketterer is quoted as telling Thomas, “Marry her!” Thomas always planned to work for the company moving from the warehouse loading trucks up to the role of President in 1997. Kim and Thomas bought the family interests in the company in 2001 and Kim has since stepped up as CEO making it what it is today.

Ketterer formed out of President Thomas Ketterer’s great-grandfather traveling by train, hitchhiking on farmers carts and traveling nonstop from Christmas to Labor day to service the promotional industry. He passed on his passion for the industry and work ethic to each decedent after him. Eventually in 1955 Joseph Ketterer knew that starting Ketterer Company would be the best move for the family.

Ketterer with the leadership of Kim and Thomas is working to take the next steps in evolving the solutions we are offering our customers. We love to help clients have easy solutions.

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