5 Tech Products Worth THINKING About

As we gear up for summer and start planning for the fall we are thinking about ways our customers can use technology pieces in their marketing mix. 5 tech products worth thinking about for your campaign are below.

Two-way Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth trackers find keys and also allow users to take selfies without fumbling and breaking a phone.

Fitness Watch

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Power Tech Jotters

Combining a jotter, business card space and a charger for the ultimate convention gift item.


Besides being a hot new gift for sweepstakes drones also are a nice gift for employees who like the latest and greatest tech items.

Cell Phone Accessories

If phones are ordered for a staff of people it is always a good idea to order phone cases to advertise the company as well.

Ketterer works with each of our partners to get the right decoration and return on expectation for items suggested for a project. Share your campaign objectives with the Ketterer team to see the best items to get a return on your needs. Book your appointment today by calling 513-247-0100.


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