Advantages of working with a WBENC-Certified Promotional Provider

1.) Reach Creative Goals & Meet Objectives with Innovation

As a small woman-owned company we have the ability to work with customers that need an advantage of agility and creative implementation strategies. We can bring new creative ideas to the table and partner with key production teams that can make objectives happen based on the needs of our clients.

2.) Enhance the overall economy

You can help your business meet your overall goal of getting your message where it counts while being socially conscious and allowing a future where women businesses can increase their percentage of overall business revenues.

3.) Diversify while having the protection of certification

By adding a WBENC promotional company to your mix of suppliers you can diversify the channels of business you work with and meet marketing objectives at the same time. By creating partnerships with WBENC-certified businesses you give your business the added benefit that the certified company has gone through the rigorous certification process.

4.) Tax Incentives

Working with WBENC-certified business can provide tax benefits to some companies.

Explore to learn more about working with a WBENC-Certified WBE companies. Ask the Ketterer Company more about the advantages working with their certified team.

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